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Wresting Chris Jericho

Hey Wrestling Fans, Jump Onboard This Cruise

Posted: September 26, 2017

Theme cruises are popular, and offer the chance to enjoy a most loved hobby or activity and increase your knowledge into a wide assortment of subjects – from food and wine to music, culture and history.

Programs may include special guest speakers, performances by noted entertainers, theme-related shore excursions and the chance to interact with leading figures in a particular field. Theme cruises are very popular and often sell out early.

Artists appear to be the most omnipresent theme cruises. There are likewise up and coming cruises for fanatics of Styx, Nick Jonas, Train, and even Elvis (Well perhaps not The King himself).

In any case, there’s been an achievement in the domain of theme cruises: Chris Jericho is holding a music and pro wrestling cruise, and there will be real wrestling matches held onboard Norwegian Jade.

The cruise exhibited via “Sea of Honor” competition named Ring of Honor hosted by none other than pro wrestling commentator Jim Ross, who is best known as the long-term play-by-play commentator for WWE.

Will You Get Bored To Death On A Cruise?

Posted: January 16, 2017

For someone who typically likes to Island hop, or stay and explore a city for days a cruise may sound boring to them. Let me tell you it’s far from boring!

Even though cruise ships enchant most guests with their well-appointed facilities– like the bionic bar onboard Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas where you are served your favourite drink by a robot – and apart from all that all the pure unrivalled experiences, some cruises are intended to involve even the most easily jaded traveller.

Imagine stopping in breathtaking countries, with scenery you have never before seen.

Cruise ships are a destination in their own right. Where you finish up is virtually inferior to the experience. Some cruises take people to far-flung locations to really see the sights.

Scenic cruises that regularly have land in sight can engross the easily bored.  Such places, like Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska where you can glide through the fjords, providing a great view of ice walls, tidewater glaciers and snow-capped mountains.

The Mediterranean

Something new to see every day

The Mediterranean has the prospect to give you something new to see every day. Your days are jam-packed with sightseeing and the nights with entertainment on the ship … or total relaxation.

It is virtually impossible for you not to discover new sights – even if it’s just strolling through a small village or fleeing to a rocky beach swarming with people.

South America

Visit the iconic Machu Pichu

While most companies have consistent cruises in South America, others present distinctive one-off cruises.

Yet again, regular stops and being adjacent to the coast are drawcards. Pontant cruises stops at Mogo Mogo Island in Panama then at the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador, with its striking Spanish majestic design, before making your way to numerous destinations in Peru and Chile. These include the port of Callao in Lima – a gorgeous Chilean town with exquisite beaches and iconic Machu Pichu.

Going south to the Chilean city of Castro – renowned for its many waterfront houses on stilts.

Pacific Islands

Cascade Waterfalls in Vanuatu is a must see

Daily stopovers in the Pacific Islands are not logistically easy, typically the cruise takes a few days to get to these Pacific Islands from Sydney or Brisbane – time for you to delight in sunbaking, relaxing and the various sanctuaries onboard.

Spend the entire day in Port Vila in Vanuatu, and visit customary Melanesian villages where you can take part in a welcome ceremony.

Then lay your eyes on Vila’s Cascade Waterfall or The Blue Lagoon. The waterfalls are located a mere 15 minutes outside of Port Vila. The waterfall is not accessible for people who use a wheelchair, or have mobility issues as you’ll need to climb to the waterfall. But, if your able to get up close and personal with the waterfall you won’t be sorry.

For those more motivated to leisure, you can enjoy watching marine life in a glass-bottomed boat.

South-East Asia

You’ll never be bored on a cruises through central China along the iconic Yangzi River

Similar to Europe, some of the famous rivers of South-East Asia offer exhilarating cruises. But, as a substitute to European architecture and scenery, there are Buddhist temples and rice paddy fields. The low-boredom cruises are thriving.

Cruise along one of the world’s great river systems the Mekong River, flowing 4,909 km through six countries: China, Myanmar, Thailand, Lao PDR, Cambodia, and Vietnam gaining an insight into authentic local life.

Also, cruise along the Irrawaddy River past famous Buddhist temples, as well as cruises through central China along the iconic Yangzi River.


Obstacles to Cruise Travel

Posted: January 12, 2017

Cruising is not for everyone, but for those with disabilities it could actually be the perfect .holiday getaway.

Even though countless travellers delight in cruises, some travellers have a preference to other forms of holidays.

Before going on a cruise, take the time to discuss with your family or friends whether or not this is the top means of travel for you.

Take the time to discuss with your family

Be sure to explore material about the specific cruise companies you are bearing in mind.

Reading reviews can have its advantages, and disadvantages, just remember what is enjoyable for one person isn’t necessarily the same for you. So, take everything you read in reviews with a pinch of salt.

Also contemplate speaking to those you know who are avid cruisers before and see if it sounds like something you would also like. It is imperative to get more facts than just an endorsement from a friend.

Some dislike cruises merely because of the nature of travelling on a cruise ship. Those who are predisposed to sea sickness may not enjoy being on a cruise ship since the high probability of being subjected to sea sickness.

A predisposition to sea sickness may be a hindrance

Severity varies for everybody, and sea sickness typically is not serious, but it can still be a hostile experience and can ruin a cruise holiday. Contemplate whether or not this is something that worries you.

Medications and acupressure bands for motion sickness help some who undergo sea sickness, but they do not help everyone. For some people, sea sickness blows over before your know it, but only you can agree whether or not this is an option you are ready to face.

Others have a phobia of cruise ships because of the likelihood of the cruise ship sinking. Only you can agree whether or not you are a person who worries about this unlikely possibility.

It may benefit to do research. Any type of travel has integral hazards, of course.

Some like myself are horrified of air travel but are happy to travel on cruises. Others are frequent flyers but would not contemplate going on a cruise.

It is correct that being on a cruise ship is a unique form of travel. Some are not so anxious about the cruise ship sinking but are anxious of being out in open water, not capable to see land.

Possibly the most common fear of cruises in recent times has been created by media coverage of norovirus outbreaks on cruise ships.

While universal safety measures like frequent washing of your hands can positively decrease a persons’ chances of catching a virus on a cruise ship, it is accurate to say that viruses are more challenging to avoid on a cruise ship.

Along with bugs, criminal behaviour and suicide on cruise ships has also been commonly broadcasted. It is essential to research each cruise line and get precise data.

Luckily, most crime on cruise ships is theft instead of violent crime, and this is relatively common with any type of travel.


Is Vaccination Required For A Cruise?

Posted: December 5, 2016

Cruises are generally looked at as a holiday where you pay for everything in the one quote from you cruise consultant. But that doesn’t mean should be ignorant, and not accept any responsibility as a cruise ship passenger.

As a general rule cruises are considered as a safe getaway, particularly if there are no shore excursions in your itinerary or cruise plans. What you should remember is that the cruise ship crew also stop with the fellow guests in ports around the world, where they may be exposed to all sorts of villians. And if your vaccinations are not current, you could be leaving yourself seriously exposed.

Medical experts expect that the close boundaries of a cruise is the perfect breeding ground for infections to spread. They recommend that everybody is vaccinated against influenza and if you are over 65 against pneumococcus which is the most common cause of pneumonia.

These are usually free for senior citizens from your local GP. It is also suggested checking to see if your tetanus immunisation is up to date as this needs to be boosted every 10 years.

P&O Cruises Australia agree, writing on the health and safety section, “Some countries have very strict health requirements. So if you don’t have the correct vaccinations, you won’t be allowed to go ashore at certain destinations.

We don’t want you to miss out on amazing experiences and shore tours so making sure you have the right vaccinations is important. Plus, some local authorities may impose a monetary fine or deny the ship into port.

If you are heading to a developing country you will probably need to safeguard yourself from hepatitis A and typhoid, and make sure your vaccinated. I

t would be worthwhile to make an appointment with your GP before you go so that you have up-to-date facts on what immunisations you require and if there are any outbreaks at your destinations.

Make an appointment with your GP before you go so that you have up-to-date facts on what immunisations you require

So if you’re headed on a cruise holiday it’s worth visiting your doctor and seeing if there are any vaccinations you should take.

For more information visit the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Smart Traveller resource here.

Have you ever sick whilst overseas? What happened? Let us know in the comments section.

River Cruising – Is It For You?

Posted: November 23, 2016

Let’s face it river cruising is gaining in popularity and offers an experience nothing like you will receive from an ocean cruise

River cruises are a fast-growing sector of the cruise industry, but the offerings are poles apart for the cruise experience on a cruise ship.

Don’t get me wrong, one is not better than the other, you should educate yourself of the variances so you’ll know what to anticipate.

River cruises offer itineraries appropriate for specific rivers, but they also use a ship that is designed to steer through tight rivers. Just like the open ocean, rivers is distinct, and river cruise lines have a diversity of river cruises to cater.

One of the greatest features of a river cruise is the capability to dock in or near the city or township. Your river cruise will dock in a town or city at least once a day. Most river cruises travel predominantly in the late afternoon and at nightfall, leaving little daytime cruise time.

What should I expect?

You will find a more intimate cruise experience with fellow passengers, often ranging from 100-200.

Some river cruises are all-inclusive, meaning most of your meals, alcoholic drinks onboard, excursions, and gratuities are included. Read the fine print when comparing different lines and itineraries so you are evaluating the same inclusions.

River cruise rates vary. When lines are all-inclusive, river cruising can be expensive, but if you have to pay extra for excursions, meals, and alcohol, rates increase from those advertised.

Cabins are usually small unless you book a large cabin or suite, which will significantly increase the cost of your cruise. One caveat: you are not in your cabin often.

River cruising provides a more social experience and the atmosphere is usually convivial. Table assignments in the dining room are rare, so you get to meet and converse with many of your fellow passengers.

While there aren’t as many meal options, most river cruises offer one main restaurant and the meals are often good. Because you are in port every day, chances are the ship will purchase food items along the way so the meals should be seasonal and reflect the itinerary.

If you are used to cruising on a cruise ship, where entertainment is everywhere you look, a river cruise is quite the opposite, and you shouldn’t assume you will receive the same sort of entertainment.

You will frequently find a pianist that plays in the lounge, or on larger river cruises there could be a DJ. Depending where you cruise entertainment can have a local vibe whether it is a discourse or resident entertainers.

One of the best features of a river cruise is that it delivers a host of sightseeing prospects so I suggest you plan for lots of sightseeing and walking, from trails, dependent on your preferred activity level, walking tours, bicycle tours, and hiking.

When you disembark for the day you will find buses to take you to the fringes of the towns. You will have the opportunity to appreciate what each city has to offer, but bare in mind that you won’t have a great deal of leisure time to venture out on your own. You will have time to experience the local cuisine, and shopping.

What are the major companies to choose from?

The major river cruise lines include: APT, AmaWaterways, CroisiEurope, Scenic, Uniworld, and Viking.

Whether you are a river cruise virgin or take multiple river cruises every year, you should still do your homework to make sure you are selecting a river cruise and itinerary that meets your expectations.

Holidaymakers who enjoy a stable itinerary and knowing exactly what to expect day-to-day are well-matched to river cruising. If you like to design your own trips and scripted travel is not to your liking, river cruising may not be what you are looking for.