Expect to Pay More Gratuities Onboard Royal Caribbean in 2018

Posted: January 10, 2018

If your planning a Royal Caribbean International cruise this year, you better prepare yourself to pay more for gratuities.

Effective Jan. 2, Royal Caribbean is raising the automatic gratuity for staff by over 7% to $14.50 per guest. Guests in suites will pay $17.50 each, every day.

In case you’re a family of four then you should expect to pay $400 in automatic gratuities on a run of the mill seven-night voyage.

Keeping up the trend that the other major cruise lines practice, Royal Caribbean has been pushing up its gratuity charges in the last few years. With this expansion, the line’s gratuity charge will have increased by about 21% since May 2015.

If you are already booked before January 2, you will be charged the previous gratuity rates.

In the rare occasion your unhappy with the service you receive, you can adjust the amount of daily gratuity posted on your account by visiting the Guest Services desk.

In any case, only guests being charged gratuities while on board can make adjustments (not guests who prepay gratuities).

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