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Cutting Edge Technology to Personalise the Cruise Experience

Posted: February 12, 2018

One of the hottest trends to watch in the cruise industry is the developing advances to improve and customise the cruise experience with cutting edge technology.

This year, each of the major cruise lines will heighten their endeavours to introduce upgrades with their present advancements. Quite a bit of this will replicate the fruitful programs presented by amusement parks and the hotel industry that have as of now drastically changed the guest experience.

Carnival Corporation and others have employed technology executives from Disney who coordinated technology into the amusement park experience.

With the utilisation of apps engrained in consumers’ day by day lives, they have generally expected technology as a feature of their cruise holiday. All things considered, the major cruise lines have all had their part in the “app” craze offering their own particular mobile device-based apps.

To date, apps, for example, the Carnival HUB, Princess@Sea, Royal IQ and Cruise Norwegian, have offered fundamental highlights, for example, allowing guests to see the daily program, review their onboard account and book dining reservations and shore excursions.

Presently the cruise lines are for the most part attempting to lessen dissatisfactions, for example, amid embarkation and long queues on the ships and in addition giving tools to customise the cruise involvement.

The most discussed cutting edge technology is the Ocean Medallion. The Ocean Medallion is a wearable technology, or you can carry the coin-sized gadget in a pocket or in your bag, that will be sent to guests at home or they will get amid embarkation.

The experience will start on the dock where the technology recognises you and gives a customised welcome while serving as your boarding pass.

Once on board, it will do everything from unlocking your cabin to keeping in contact with your family and friends onboard the ship, customise day by day activities, order your favourite drink from anyplace on board and even turns into a gaming device. A new Wi-Fi network supports the technology.

The Ocean Medallion started testing in November 2017 on Princess Cruises’ Regal Princess, and the objective is to finish the full ship roll out in the first quarter of 2018. Six extra Princess ships are required to likewise send the technology later.

Comparable endeavours are likewise in progress at Royal Caribbean International with its Excalibur program. Regal Caribbean, which had been a pioneer in wearable technology with its Wow Band, has decided on a more adaptable application-based technology that will work crosswise over various platforms.

Royal Caribbean has unobtrusively started presenting components of the Excalibur technology on board its most up to date ships with an objective of having a large portion of the fleet active before the finish of 2018.

Among the highlights will be components to speed embarkation, track luggage, order beverages to be delivered around the ship, hold shore excursions, make specialty dining reservations and control everything from the door to the lights and temperature in a passenger’s stateroom.

Previously they had presented high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi network with satellite connections on board their ships. Royal Caribbean likewise keeps on investigating different highlights and longer-term thoughts, for example, making a virtual personal assistant in its staterooms or suites.

Norwegian Cruise Line as of late reported the up and coming age of its Cruise Norwegian application with, “a large number of capacities that assistance give a stress-free get-away experience, helping guests take advantage of their opportunity on and off the ship.”

Norwegian says that guests will have the capacity to tweak their cruise experience with the ability to view and book shore excursions, dining and entertainment reservations, purchase onboard package as well as view or manage their existing account information.

Passengers can also purchase unlimited onboard calls and messaging. These highlights are as of now accessible on the Norwegian Sky and will be presented on board the new Norwegian Bliss with an objective of completing a fleet-wide rollout by the end of 2018.

Also, MSC Cruises is attempting to improve their onboard experience with technology. Cooperating with Marlink they have been trying expanded throughput, including a record-breaking speed provided temporarily during the launch ceremonies for the MSC Seaside.

MSC has been working for more than three years on its new MSC for Me app which was additionally presented with the new MSC Seaside. This app can direct passengers turn-by-turn around the ship as well as keeping them informed and helping to plan the onboard experiences.

As these advancements turn out to be more completely accessible, they guarantee to separate one of the oldest stereotypes about cruising, the herd mentality.

Travellers will have the capacity to tweak their day by day experience and keep away from lines and different aggravations amid their get-away. It will be a key improvement to watch amid the coming year.

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